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Newland Girl’s 3 Pcs Mermaid Tail Swimwear Swimsuit Bikini Bathing Suit

Size information:
100: Bust:20*2(Stretched to 62cm),Pants Length 20cm,Hip 52cm,Skirt length:78cm,Advice age 2-3T
110:Bust:22*2(Stretched to 68cm),Pants Length 22cm,Hip 56cm, Skirt length:80cm,Advice age 3-4T
120:Bust:24*2(Stretched to 72cm),Pants Length 24cm,Hip 60cm,Skirt length:84cm,Advice age 4-5T
130:Bust:26*2(Stretched to 76cm),Pants Length 26cm,Hip 64cm,Skirt length:87cm,Advice age 5-6T
140:Bust:27*2(Stretched to 80cm),Pants Length 28cm,Hip 68cm,Skirt length:90cm,Advice age 6-7T
150:Bust:28*2(Stretched to 84cm),Pants Length 30cm,Hip 72cm,Skirt length:92cm,Advice age 7-8T


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