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cheap and fake mermaid tails

The mermaid tail is a water toy that is trending in some parts of the world lately. Almost everybody who loves swimming is willing to swim like a real mermaid. They always want to feel what the mermaid and merman feels. They want to live the life the mermaid lives and want to be part of their world. Most people even present it to friends who love swimming. Some are even planning to include it to their wish list for Christmas. For their dream of swimming like a real mermaid to be fulfilled, they need to purchase a mermaid tail. Now here come the questions:

  • What type of mermaid tail should you purchase?
  • How will you discover a fake mermaid tail?
  • What is the difference between a fake mermaid tail and a good quality mermaid tail?

Due to the strong passion most people have for swimming like a mermaid in pools or ocean, they tend to fall victim of buying fake mermaid tails. The fake mermaid tails are of less quality to good swimmable mermaid tails. They are of less durability which means they wear out easily and also tears easily. In situations where you swim in chlorinated water, the color tends to fade easily, therefore causing the mermaid tail to lose its beauty. The ability of the fake mermaid tails to resist the slightest sun intensity is very low. Most of the fake fabric and silicone mermaid tails tends to lose their elasticity after they are being used for some period of time. Some of them can even become useless after few days of purchase.

Discovering a fake mermaid tail can sometimes be difficult because some fake mermaid tails are a perfect replica of the genie or good quality mermaid tails with the same color and design. However, the original or good quality mermaid tails have some distinct qualities or features that make them different from the fake mermaid tails. These qualities make them to be differentiated from one another, by keen observers. These qualities include;

  • The texture
  • The color, because most of the fake tails are painted which is why the color can easily fade away but colors of quality tails are free from every toxin.
  • Perfect fit
  • The scales of the high-quality tails are 3D and this gives it a realistic feel and look.

Make a good research about the mermaid tail you want to buy so as to avoid purchasing fake mermaid tails.

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